Agri.Coop. Ecovalle Vinalopó



  • Along the history, our natural environment has been the source of wealth for humans, which enjoyed a lot from its wealth, transformed it for agricultural production and for the production of pasture. Anyway the environment gives aliments, materials, medicines and much more basic products indispensable to the development of our society.


  • The Biovalle Community aim to go back to the roots, where our natural environment was our only resource of raw materials. We want to reach it in researching a balance between productivity and conservation of the natural resources.


  • The agricultural cooperative ECOVALLE VINALOPO is the organism responsible for carrying out this task. It has been created in September, 2010 by a group of farmers of the region supported by the City of Salinas and ENDEMIC BIOTECH.


  • The community care of the exploitation of biological culture, in agricultural parcel or forestry zone, in order to provide us raw materials. Furthermore, it promotes a conversion to the organic production method and organic farming in agreement with our philosophy of being more cautious with the environment and with the health of humans and animals.