Planta Biotech


  • The Biovalle Community is promoter of the "Planta Biotech" (Asset of transformation and extraction of sub products as well as agricultural and forestall products). Within the "Planta Biotech", we complete the production of vegetal extracts in order to obtain active principle which will be used as additive for the formulation of our product.
  • This asset is supplied on organic raw material produced by organic Cooperative "Ecovalle Vinalopo" under a sustainable system by means of the practice of organic farming. We follow the same criteria in the extraction in order to get a final product which is respectful toward the human and the environment.
  • The plant species has been select under criteria of functional interest, previously studied and validated by scientific and investigating bodies such as the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory of the University Miguel Hernandez, Elche. We talk about vegetal species that contain active principles with biological interesting activities which were used in ancient times, and which can generate nowadays a source of resource more innovative and respectful. Moreover they are species easy cultivable in our area.