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BIOVALLE consists in a project for sustainable development of the Vinalopo Region in order to generate economical, social and environmental prosperity in creating assets and jobs in a environmentally-friendly way. Furthermore this project is focus on the next generations. ENDEMIC BIOTECH, together with the city of Salinas, is the promoter of the project Biovalle Salinas, the first experience of the Biovalle Community.

  • The mission: Reinvent the traditional economical sectors through the innovation relying on the new sustainable economies as base for an economic, social and environmental development. Through this project, we also promote the strengthening of the economic activities physically situated in the Vinalopó Region via the synergy between recent and ancient economic site.
  • The vision: Become area of reference, leader in multidisciplinary sustainable innovation, an attractive and interesting area for private investment as well as a pleasant and peaceful for locals.
  • The values: Respect, Humanity, Environment, Innovation, Sustainability, heritage for next generations.