Endemic and the ethnobotany

The ethnobotany as scientific discipline is the study and interpretation of the history of the plants in the past and present societies.
A large part of the human race does not know that more than half million of plants live, growth and disappear again in our planet. From all these plants, only 5.000 have been studied pharmacologically.
As technological company engaged with the ideology of "Green Chemistry", ENDEMIC BIOTECH unifies technological und ethnobotanical concepts in order to promote our own world, innovative, which respect humans and nature.
The relation between society and plant is always dynamic. On one side, the society provides the culture as well as socio-economical and political abilities; on the other side, plants influence the environment through their flowers. Here the mission of the Ethnobotany is to study how plants are used by human beings, which techniques derive from and how plants have integrated our cultural heritage.