Botanical Extracts



ENDEMIC BIOTECH is expert in the ethnobotanical use of plants and selects the most interesting pieces from a functional point of view based on studies review by scientific and investigating bodies.
We deal with botanical extracts containing surfactants with interesting biological abilities, which use to be use in ancient times. Nowadays this plant species can generate a very innovative and ecological source of raw materials. Moreover these plants can growth very easily in our Region.
ENDEMIC BIOTECH cultivates this plants through "la Cooperativa Agricola Ecovalle Vinalopo" (Agricultural Cooperative) and get the botanical extracts within the facilities "Planta Biotech". In this way we can completely retrace the process.



Nowadays we see a wide variety of extraction methods for surfactants coming from plants. A lot of these practices use techniques or solvents which are harmful for the environment. By ENDEMIC BIOTECH, we pay special attention to use eco-friendly extraction methods as we use environment friendly solvents and techniques. This allows us to get final products that are certifiable as ecological products, not only by their origin but also by their extraction and purification processes.



Botanical extracts offering by ENDEMIC BIOTECH SL benefit from numerous applications in the following sectors:



Vegetal extracts contain a mix of different which can be very complex. In order to ensure functional activities of our extracts, we analyze and characterize them with a high level of technical detail. Moreover, all of our extracts are standardized, not only by chromatographic techniques (HPLC), but also in a spectrophotometrically manner. We aim to guarantee a quantity of components which make sure of the final biological activity.



The main components of our extracts are called "Polyphenols". Pholyphenols are natural ingredients, which contain in their structures at least one aromatic nucleus. These particular structures give numerous biologic activities which can be similar or different for each one of them. These activities range from the antioxidant to the antimicrobial, but also antitumor, anti-inflammatory, solar-protector among others… By Endemic Biotech, all our extracts contain an important percentage of polyphenols, also, each one of our product is specially enriched with polyphenols. This gives them distinct functional characteristics.



Within our catalogue of extract, we offer some extracts coming from our own products. In these cases our extracts are the raw material from what, through refinement techniques and purification measures, we manufacture our final products enriched in interesting compounds increasing their purity and bioactivity.