Cleaning instructions



1. "Ecologic products are healthier"

Most of household clean products we frequently use like detergents, disinfectants or degreasers contain chemical polluting substances for the environment and for our health.
The replacement of those by ecological clean products contributes to reduce our impact or the environment and on our health.
The range of products ECOTECH are certified by the EU ECOLABEL, furthermore, they are formulated with ingredients coming only from natural origins, guaranteeing healthy alternative for the environment and for your health.




2. Ecotech ENERGIC "The natural choice against grease"

Ecotech ENERGIC is a ecologic degreaser exclusively formulated with raw material from natural origins, without dissolvers and includes non-genetically modified enzymes which help to remove dirt of any kind of surface.
Leave it on for 5 minutes, the time for the enzymes to remove the dirt. Then we will notice bright results.
Remember that you mustn't apply it on hot surfaces, just wait that the surface is temperate because enzymes remain inactive on high temperatures.




3. Ecotech FLOOR “All purpose ecological cleaner”

Household cleaner Ecotech FLOOR is a neutral detergent formulated with raw materials of natural origins which can be used an all superficies of the house.
Because of its neutral pH it is recommendable for the cleaning and the preservation of any kind of washable superficies such as floors, tiles, worktops, plumbing, kitchen and office furniture, etc.
Of course remember that an appropriate dosage allows you to save product as well as reduce the environmental impact.






4. Ecotech SETMATIC "First and unique product granted by the EU ECOLABEL in its category"

Ecotech SETMATIC is the first detergent for professional dishwashers to obtain the EU ECOLABEL certification.
It is formulated with enzymes originating from non-genetically-modified microorganisms and other raw materials from natural origins. It does not contain any kind of caustic material.
The result is a pH neutral product without any hazard classifications. These means that it can be used in total safely. Furthermore the ECOTECH SETMATIC does not make move up the alkalinity in residual water.