The european ecolabel



The productline ECOTECH is certify as ecologic product by the European ecologic label – EU ECOLABEL. This label forms part of the European certification system which aims to help consumers to identify most ecologic and ecofriendly products and/or services.
ENDEMIC BIOTECH is the first company in the Community of Valencia having certified products within the ECOLABEL categories "all-purpose cleaners and cleaners for sanitary facilities", "detergents for dishwashing machines" and "Soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners". Moreover our company is one the first at a national level offering such a wide range of certify products.



The EU ECOLABEL is credible because:
It is based on thorough scientific studies and consultations. Awarding criteria are defined in a scientific analysis of impacts across the entire product life cycle as well as extensive consultations with all concerning bodies.
There is recognition on the part of environmentalists and leading companies as well as the European Environment agency and consumers organizations. It is supported ALSO by the European Commission and by all member states.


It is reliable:

The certification depends on an independent body. The competent bodies of each member states are independent bodies designed by national governments. For the Community of Valencia, the relevant body is the Center for Clean Technology (CTL) dependent on the Regional Ministry of Territory and Housing of the Generalitat Valenciana.


It is visible:

The Label simplifies customers' choice. This unique logo makes easier and faster the choice for consumers. As the label is valid in all the European Union, It represents an added value for sales in Europe.
The label covers various ranges of product. The productline ECOTECH includes a fair part of products used for daily household cleaning.