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By ENDEMIC BIOTECH, we really enjoy our work. We go on the selection of our ecological raw materials, but always, we ensure that each product remains efficient. Our cleaners are formulized with surfactants of natural origin and benefit from a high level of biodegradability. Our technologist realize efficiency test on the products in order to show that their efficiency are at-least equal as conventional non-ecological cleaners. We want to develop the idea that a ecological product is better as a conventional one, not only for its efficiency but also its environmental friendliness.


Our body is wise und sends us alarm signals when it does not like something. If it hurts our eyes, burn your lungs or get you headache when you clean your home, this does not mean clean but suffer. You body is saying you : Stop! It's enough! Don't use it anymore! It's dangerous for you!". Our technical team value rigorously all the ingrediens to make sure that the products are safe and trusted.


By ENDEMIC BIOTECH we see our work as a fantastic opportunity to offer an efficient and ecological product to the customer. We realize for each product a product-life-cycle study, from the raw materials until the management of waste generated. Here it is important to highlight that we are green because we do not test products on animals, because we design innovative products using natural ingredients and because we want that our business model remains in this green perspective.


By ENDEMIC BIOTECH, we are convinced that the design is a very important part of the process. We investigate on the ergonomics to offer products having the maximal commodity and security during the handling. The design of the labels has been created to give specify technical information of the product and to general a great attraction. In this way we want that the customers feel the affection we have for our products.


Some persons think that ammoniac or bleach represents the smell of the cleaning. We enjoy that some home cleaners involve quick apnea or the opening of the windows. But nobody hold his breath when he/she walk in a field of aromatic plants.
By ENDEMIC BIOTECH, we know that essential oils hold efficient and flavorsome attributes, which bring an added value to the products. We base our perfume on aromatically plants typical of the Mediterranean, warm and intense aroma.